Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Levi is 2

I sat at my computer in tears last night! Very dramatic. I couldn't contain it. I was reading back
over my past blog entries and MISSED to my core my tiny babies. Cody glanced over top his iPad a little scared, and asked what was wrong. As soon as he saw a picture of baby Levi he needn't say more! He knows I've been struggling with them growing up and no new babe on the horizon. I loved having babies and the unlikeliness of anymore is hard sometimes, and sometimes it's bittersweet to be out of the baby phase and watching our boys grow.

(both my angels at two weeks old)

I was convicted to keep writing about them because I absolutely adore having the record. They may never care to read this (they are boys after all) but I need it!  So first let's talk about my baby turning 2!

Levi is technically 2 years and 3 months old. He is nuts. He lives out his days as a little stand up comedian and loves to make us laugh. Pretty much everything he says and does is funny and shocking at the same time. So much personality trapped inside that tiny body. We are constantly in awe of what he knows and remembers. He is very verbal and has a sharp little mind. He and Max now have little conversations and play together/brutally attack each other all day. Sometimes Levi gets the upper hand in the fights, but Max LOVES that Levi still takes a nap and in a crib. He's always quick to remind him that he's a baby and be better behave. It's pretty funny to see into their little minds.

(taken on his second birthday at almost the exact moment he was born)

Levi started school this year and is doing great. There has been some crying and attachment stuff at drop off which I expected, however, he's having fun and napping which is all you can really ask for at this age. School has given him so much confidence and definitely toned him down a bit. It's taught him a ton in the socialization department, and he's learning new things every day. He does Tuesday and Thursday from 9-1:30. I can tell he is OH so pleased with himself after he makes it through the school day. He feels like a big boy. It's stretched him in a good way.

(winding down after his very first day of school)

He's not huge, but definitely a hearty little guy. He still makes me carry him all the time, and weighs around 33-34 pounds. He was 36.5 inches at his two year check at around the 90% across the board. Huge spurt in height recently. He was once only the 10%!! They re-measured him 4 times.

He is SO opinionated and LOUD. He's been introducing us to public embarrassment lately which has been a treat! He will not sit still at restaurants unless I give him snacks or let him shreds those little tubs of sweeteners. Neither of which I want to do. While I LOVE how verbal he is, it is so embarrassing to have him yell, "I will NOT eat dinner unless I get ice cream first"! Heavens where have a gone wrong! We have officially started a discipline regimen with him and it's helping a lot.

(before he knew how to throw a fit)

He's not even very strong willed across the board, and anyone who keeps him says he's perfect for them. He just picks a few battles to fight tooth and nail, and seems to save all the drama for us. He's very loving too and told me today "I have a precious family" and has been calling me "darling mommy" which is probably because Max calls me his "precious sweetheart". I think I might be baby talking to them a taaaad too much! Ha!

(two goofy peas in a pod)

He's growing up so quickly, wearing 3T clothes and size 8 shoe. He has long crazy curly hair, and is alway dirty. Love my boy!! Don't grow up too fast munchkin!


the blogivers said...

Sweet post for your sweet little guy :)

The Joiners said...

I cannot get over the picture of him in the overalls... it is just too much cuteness in one picture!!

kayla Agan said...

Agreed Amanda! I just stared at that overall picture for like 5 minutes!! Little angel!!

Brittnie said...

Both of your boys are too cute for words!! And the things they say?? Priceless!! You are such a great mommy. :)

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